Ages 12-14 How to Make Money

At this age, you are just starting to understand the importance of money. The greatest asset you have at this age is time and the ability to learn before it is too late. Legally your not allowed to work at a job, however, that doesn’t stop you from having a side hustle that teaches you about making money. Another great way to learn about money is from reading. Books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think and Grow Rich” are amazing book for learning the beginnings of financial journey.

Jobs to Work at (if needed) – Knock Knock Jobs – Remember when your ‘trick or treating’ and all the kids go to the “Rich Neighborhood” to get the best candies. Those same people are rich because of a reason. They most likely have had to work very hard to make a living and they would respect others who would do the same. By knocking on their doors and asking if they need a lawn mowing, window cleaning, snow shoveling, gardening, etc. and they will most likely give you a shot. Even if they don’t, learning how to sell and take rejection are very important aspects to becoming successful. While getting real world experience is absolutely crucial, this early in your life, the best “bang for your buck” would be learning about making money efficiently, rather than doing it this early on.

Your interest in growing money is wonderful at this age, and as intriguing as it, the most import thing to do at this age is learn. Everyone is so caught up in actually creating physical money (which is a good thing) however, taking the time to learn about simple concepts like assets and liabilities will pay dividends in the future. Instead of your main focusses being mowing lawns, or shoveling snow, learn to learn. Read countless books on Finance to the point where you know more than even some adults. The opportunities to make real physical later will show up a few years from now so your main focus should be learning as much as you can about wealth and creating opportunities to make wealth.

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