About Us

Where We Started

The C&E Wealth Groups

We are a group originally started by two members, Ben Williams and Rowan Chandelle. We are based out of Jacksonville Florida and created this midway through the 2023 summer. We both realized the importance becoming financially literate in the upcoming world. By creating this website we aspire to help teach other like-minded teens about the financial world and about money. We believe that becoming wealthy is a difficult process however, it can be simplified into two different parts. The first part is creating money(active income) where one does work to create an income. The second part is expanding that money through passive income. To understand more about these two pillars of creating money, visit the create and expand portions of our website. We wish the best of luck to you in your financial journey and hope that this website is able to assist you into financial success.

How You Can Help Us Grow

The Next Step To Growth

This organization first started out as a club in our local highschool, however, we hope to expand this to schools across the country to give students everywhere an opportunity to learn about how to grow and expand wealth. Were looking for people to create the C&E Wealth club at their school to be able to contribute in our mission to give and opportunity to kids who wouldn’t have had one. Please Contact createandexpandwealth@gmail.com to start this club at your school.

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Our Team (So Far)

Ben Williams



Rowan Chandelle



You Could Join Us

Contact createandexpandwealth@gmail.com